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    Which is better frame works use along with flex


      I am developing an hospital application, mainly includes the management of outpatients and in front end i am using flex but in back end i did not get a clear idea about which frame work has to use or need of a new architecture. i just need some suggestion which of these spring,EJB 3.0 and Jboss Seam is better for back end implementation.

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          Hey kumar ,

          I don't have experience with a lot of frameworks but I am using Blaze-DS + Spring with deployed under glassfish.

          I think you biggest problem here is how to make the frontend pluggable, extensible and easy to maintain.

          I do make all single screens as single modules. and each module have it's own java class to do the work + some java classes for general perpose.
          Teh whole thing is build in ANTS and using jnit as a testing framework for java. I don't have anything yet to do automated UI testing.