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    First Shoot with Canon XH A1

    rtprtp Level 1

      Hi Freinds,


      Just shot and edited in SD with my Canon XH A1 I bought this morning. The capture was a breeze, and the edit was like butter.


      A big THANK YOU to all who steered me to this camera.


      Any suggestions on how to best Share it in:

      - Window Media Player

      - Mpeg

      - DVD


      I did it in both WMV and Mpeg:

      - The WMV looks pretty crappy

      - The Mpeg looks really good, but I am seing a few jaggys on the double yellow road line and the Telephone wires I shot. (exciting stuff huh?) The original footage looks perfect when played in the timeline.

      I'm certain there are tweaks I can make to improve the final "Share"


      Any suggestions for this newbee would be most appreciated!


      Thanks, Stan