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    Weird Bug / Export Settings / Workflow Question


      I keep running into this issue and have been unable to find a solution for it. I'm exporting HD video sequences (1080i 60i preset) from premiere pro CS4 using Adobe Media Encoder. I want to create files that are nice high quality without being huge, since I have to send these off to clients on a vast array of different systems, both mac and pc, and they have to be delivered via web.


      I found that the H.264 apple ipod video large preset in AME works very well as far as file size / quality. The problem is, for whatever reason, this codec does not seem to play properly on 99% of clients systems, the playback seems to jump from one frame to the next and back, its a very odd looking jitter type issue. And no, not everyone is on a PC, even folks on MACs here in the office have the same issue playing it in quicktime. I'm stumped as to what is causing that, but I assume its a codec / quicktime issue, maybe not though...


      So, in an effort to curtail that, I tried exporting video from AME as quicktime and changing the quicktime codec to H.264. The problem with that route is the files are huge. They play stably, but I can't send a 2gb file over the web in any reasonable timeframe.


      If anyone could help me out either by telling me how I'm screwing up my export settings, or if they have a setting that works better I'm all ears. This has gotten incredibly frustrating.

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          I use to have the same exact issue when sending files to my clients for review.


          What I starded doing is exporting to windows avi and throwing the file in..... believe it or not! windows movie maker to make it smaller and email it.


          The TV Station that I do work for can only accept 5mb size files via email and that's the only way they want it.


          They don't want to deal with "YouSendIt" or anything else. Of course the files I send are only 30seconds long. TV ads. but that was my workaround.


          They did not get the best quality delivered but it's pretty good for them to see the ad and approve it.


          They said it plays clean that way and I haven't had any more complaints.


          those are my 2 cents, hope it helps.

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            omgular Level 1

            Thanks! Yeah, that would work, sadly though I'm on a Mac myself, so I can't output to AVI (I'm still miffed about lack of support for AVI or WMV encoding on the Mac version of AME, although I know it has something to do with Microsoft not supporting codec updates on the Mac for a while).


            Also, since I don't have access to windows movie maker that puts me in a pickle. Although I did find a bit of a workaround, problem is I have to output from AME then re-encode it as H.264 using Quicktime Pro's export function. I'd rather not have to do that since it essential doubles the time it takes to output files.


            If anyone else has any input on this, or some sort of solution feel free to jump in... There has to be a few other folks out there using premiere pro CS4 on the mac that are doing the same thing I'm trying to do. Let me know how you do it!

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              omgular Level 1

              Hrm, I know there has to be a way to do this. Maybe I need to buy a different h.264 codec? I'm stumped.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The first thing that I would try would be to Open one of your H.264's in QT Pro (BTW, how does it play on your computer?) and then Export from there with H.264. Yes, I know that is what you started with, so to speak, but judge the Export from QT Pro. On the PC side, I've had a few issues with good old safe DV-AVI Type II's not being as good as I want for different reasons. I found that if I Imported those files into PrElements, and did an Export to DV-AVI Type II (exactly what I fed it), the resulting files were clean, smooth and had the proper Duration in PrPro.


                What does Ctrl-j say about the files in QT Pro? Anything look amiss in the properties?


                Good luck, and please post your workflow, when successful, as it will likely help others,



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                  omgular Level 1

                  Well, so here's the workflow I ended up at. I export from Premiere as quicktimes with no codec, leaving me with lossless files. I open that file in Quicktime and then export using the H.264 High Quality Settings. Results look great, (although the color washout you get from H.264 leaves something to be desired.)


                  That's fine except quicktime doesn't have a batch exporter, so it gets tedious when I have a decent number of files to send out. As far as the playback of any files my clients had problems with on my machine? Everything plays as smooth as butter, leading me to believe it is a codec issue somewhere.


                  I did a command+J on the problem H.264 files, and there is nothing amiss there, the video track is encoded H.264, the audio is encoded AAC, nothing looked out of place.


                  So that's what I've got so far, not ideal, but it sounds like it may be the only decent solution right now.