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    Object over an Object


      Hey Guys,

                               I'm at a tricky situation.
      I have a container, a Canvas.
      I have to 2 list the left-list and right-list separated by a VRule to
      show a division.
      In all there are 3 children in my canvas.
      There's an arrow button to the left most side of the item-render-er of
      the left-list.

      My issue is :
      When an item is selected in the left-list the arrow button should move
      over the VRule.
      Pro-grammatically I'm doing so, but the arrow-button seems to go below
      the VRule.

      For this matter I changed the sequence in which the children are added
      in the container making sure the left-list
      is the last child. But things are not working. Its still the same

      I have come up with the conclusion that the  item-render-er is in the
      list so it hardly matters if the list is the last child
      to be added.

      Does any one has some other solution to accomplish this??


      Find the issue in the image2.jpg

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          Although I haven't tested this myself, it looks like your arrow button is not going under your VRule, it's just being cut off because its x position places it outside the boundaries of the item renderer.


          To do something like this you may need to have the left-list slightly overlap the right-list, and have the item renderer with the arrow in it have a transparent background. That's getting a bit complicated though. You may be better off just working around it, having the arrow move slightly to the right inside its item renderer rather than actually over top of the right list

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            For your renderer, use a VBox or other container that supports the clipContent property and set it to false, then set horizontalScrollPolicy of the renderer to false, then the arrow button will be visible outside its container.


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              Hissam.sherkar Level 1

              Its still not helping me

              I put off all scrollpolicy of each container and set clipcontent=false but

              still not working