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    Important quality loss in high definition video in Premiere

    valterg Level 1



      I'm working in a series of high definition clips in Premiere CS4, and I noticed a great loss of quality of the videos after rendering, even without applying any filter or special effect.


      All of the videos were captured from a Sony HD camcorder in M2T format through HDVSplit. The M2T videos are perfect, with clear and crystalline images, typical of a HD clip.


      However, after rendering in Premiere using the MPEG2 Blu-Ray HDTV 1080i or HDTV 720p format with all of the settings in high quality, the resulting video is disappointing, in no way resembling a high definition video. The same occurs using H.264 Blu-ray format, also with all the settings in "high".


      The quality of the video is well below the expected, both in 1080i and 720p.


      I didn't use any filter in the edition, just trim, simple transitions and some legends. The resulting video shows a significant loss of quality and definition, which resembles more a trivial SD DVD than a video that was totally recorded in high definition.


      I believe that it is a codec problem, but I would like to know if somebody already observed this issue, and if some special adjustment or setting exist that I'm missing.


      Any contribution is welcome