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    Making Simple, random slide, slideshow.


      I was wondering how would i go about making a simple application that can be run on a website that can:

      -show a opening page that will stay for 5 seconds (for advertisments)

      -show random pictures (well they will only be text)

      -can change slide by clicking on screen.

      any help? or am i looking in the wrong program ? Videos may help also (links to youtube)


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Flash can be used to create the kind of thing you are after.  Unfortunately, you're not likely to get lessons on how to use it here.  Google is a very good resource for tutorials, so you might try searching for "Flash random slideshow tutorial" and other terms related to what you want to create.  You may not find exactyly what you want, which is where knowing how to use Flash becomes valuable.  You should look thru the introductory sections of the Flash help files to get an idea of the capabilties and features.  Then, if you want to learn more, you can look into www.lynda.com or some other online tutorial sites for learning Flash.