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    match colour option in AE?!?


      In photoshop theres an option called match colour under >Adjustments>Match Colour...



      I was wondering if AE had the same effect? I looked at all the filter effects and couldnt find anything close to it.

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          No, After Effects does not have a direct equivalent to the PS Match Color adjustment.

          While there are a ton of possible ways to get similar results (with a more manual/involved approach), I think this would make a great feature request!

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            See my answer on Video Copilot. It's certainly a viable request, but without extra precautions for content changing over time, it would not be that useful to have it as an automated feature...



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              rotundus Level 1

              im trying to create somthing simluar to this....




              I have a simular shot of the ocean and i'd like to change it to a sunset as another shot i have as a referance. The match colour option i found very effective in PS and u can adjust the options soo it doesnt over power the orginal shot.


              Will the manual approach in AE be as affective? Does it involve with gradients, mask colour layers, photofilters, heavey colour correction etc...? eh


              What is the simplest and most effective way?

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                Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                There's no magic recipe, rotundus.

                Even PS Match Color requires a discerning eye from the user, since automation is often bound to produce undesirable results.

                It's been said that most color correction tools are a continuation of the Levels effect by other means, and there's some truth to that

                So, you could use the histogram in Levels to inspect overall luminance/balance in one shot, and use that as a starting point to match those references in the others.

                The Color Finesse plug-in that comes with AE CS4 has an eye-dropper based way to match Hue/Sat/Lightness from one shot to another (the Color Finesse manual explains this). You can limit it to only affect one or two of those three variables. It's more involved/manual than PS Match Color, since the latter performs a statistical analysis of large regions, and the former reacts to a relatively small sample area.