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    Help with a link and zooming.


      Hey guys I have this code


          <mx:Zoom id="theGlow" zoomWidthFrom="1" zoomWidthTo="1.2" zoomHeightFrom="1" zoomHeightTo="1.2"/>
          <mx:Zoom id="theGlow2" zoomWidthFrom="1.2" zoomWidthTo="1" zoomHeightFrom="1.2" zoomHeightTo="1"/>

          <mx:Text x="224" y="125" text="Test Button" fontSize="36" fontWeight="bold" rollOverEffect="{theGlow}" rollOutEffect="{theGlow2}"/>




      but when you move the mouse quickly over the text, the animation cuts very quickly. Is there any way to achieve this effect but let the rollOverEffect zoom finish first?