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    Noob Question 15: Audio Quality On YouTube Export?

    Suntower Level 1



      In pursuit of my FANTASTIC WORLD CHANGING MUSIC VIDEO, I've been exporting to DVD format. The source video is 720 and the source audio is a 44.1khz/24 wav.


      Since this is a music video, I then tried exporting to the 640X480 44/1/16 'YouTube' preset. And -man- the audio is crrrrrappppy. There's a serious bump around 100-200hz. Is this to be expected or did I do something wrong (...er... like not read the manual (again) ). If so, how does one pre-plan for such things.


      To be clear: in PP, the audio sounds fine. Exported to DVD sounds fine. Only the downsample to the YouTube MP4 sounds crap.