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    Modifier keys not working in Illustrator CS4

    Alohashaka Level 1

      I have CS4 v14.0.0 for Mac, working on MacBook Pro running Leopard v10.5.7. I think it happened after the Safari v4.0.2 upgrade that the Illustrator modifier keys stopped working. For instance, to scale an object, using the shift key and holding the mouse button no longer scales proportionately. The zoom keys (command + option + spacebar) don't work either. The keys to modify type size work (command + shift + > or <) , as well as to zoom (command + plus key or minus key) in and out of the artboard. I checked that the US Extended was NOT checked, as mentioned in previous fixes). I rebooted my computer and ran AppleJack. I haven't deleted the .plist yet. Help would be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance, Ellie