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    how to manage two viewstacks with one linkbar?


      hello all,


      I currently am creating my website utilizing flex and have come across a roadblock.  I need a single linkbar to manage two viewstacks but cannot figure out how to do this so far.  i have tried using both id's in the dataProvider but the only one it manages is the last input.  please advise how to do this or another way in which i can accomplish what i am trying to do.


      for your information:  one viewstack will be for the pages of the site and the other will be for banners on each page.  I cannot put the banners in the viewstack because they will be larger than the pages


      here is some of the code:


      <mx:LinkBar x="10" y="116" dataProvider="{body, ads}" fontSize="18" height="29">





      when i run the application i do not receive any errors however the only viewstack that changes is the ads or vice versa if i have body last.