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    D11 on Vista ... completely jacked up

    Steveorevo Level 1

      Okay, I'm seriously upset with D11 on Vista. I have a new box, and fresh installation. Its asking for what I would assume is registration but time and time again I get an empty screen with a dismembered IE component that looks improperly parented (see attached pic). I've installed Hotfix 3 and still no use.


      Does anyone know if shelling out for yet another upgrade will fix this issue? I'd gladly upgrade again (hands twisted behind my back) if this fixes the issue and gets Director to work, at all. If so, does Adobe guarantee it'll work a year from now, a week, or a day? I'm dying of frustration over here!

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          Steveorevo Level 1

          It appears that you can get past the registration screen by pressing Alt+F4 to force the disfunctional IE child window to close. This gets me to Director's score, cast, and stage windows but they are not functional. Mouse events for drag and drop just don't function nor do the menu options for copy and paste appear in context or from the edit pull down menu when attempting to manipulate an imported jpg, gif, bmp, or other bitmap media. Something is clearly broken and reinstallation does not appear to resolve this .


          Likewise a trial of D11.5 acts the same way minus the disfunctional IE child window. My other XP box appears to install, register, and runs just fine with IE8 preinstalled.


          Grrr.... Anyone experience similar problems with Vista 32bit Business or otherwise?

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            Chunick Level 3

            nope. I've run it on Vista Premium and Ultimate 32-bit. I currently run it on Ultimate, SP1.


            It must be some anomalous issue with your envorinment as a whole - some other program that's installed, a plugin or ActiveX control, another Adobe product...


            ...bad luck,karma or something that happened in a past life, maybe

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              Steveorevo Level 1

              Hello Chunick,

                   Thanks for responding. Getting any replies on this matter is good to hear. Do you know if you are running IE8 on your system? Aside from CS3 Master Suite, and OpenOffice, I can't think of anything else I've got thats unorthodox. Microsoft OneCare... hmm, I'll have to image my drive and see if starting with D11 from the get-go makes a difference.




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                Chunick Level 3

                I'm running Adobe Suite CS3 as well as IE8 and OpenOffice 3.1... I'm not running OneCare. I run AntiVir and Windows Defender as well as Spybot S&D. I have UAC disabled.