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    RSL - datavisualization rsl is not caching

    satish@netx.net Level 1

      Hi :

      I am implementing RSL approach to reduce the App SWF file size .

      In the Ant Build script , First I used framework.swc as RSL , It
      worked fine , The file size reduced significantly ,
      The first time the framework.3.1.02710.swz loaded and after it is
      cached in Flash Player , It is fine .

      So to reduce further i inclided datavisualization and rpc .swc's as

      Only the rpcs.swz is cached , But the datavisualization . swz is not
      being cached .

      Every time i load the App the datavisualization.swz and
      datavisualization.swf is loading , Which should not be the case .

      My RSL declaration order is ,


      Please let me know if iam missing some thing .