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    letter boxing in adobe encoder cs4!


      I maybe being really stupid here but i am at the end of my tether trying this for days!


      I export a movie from after effects at the required size 682 x 374 and pull it into adobe encoder (both CS4) and choose all the desired compression settings ensuring to not resize the video and noting that it does say at the foot of the out put screen that both source and out put are at 682 x 374. However when i preview in encoder it shows black bars to the right handside. In case this was just a poor preview i carry on and export, before pulling the file into Flash....and sure enough....wrong size with bars to the right and left.


      I know it needs to be happening in encoder as i export it from after effects and use quick time pro to reduce an mov file and it comes in perfectly at the same size........


      Am i doing something wrong here as i would have thought this was a basic request!?


      Attached is a screen grab of the preview screen....any help appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          First make sure the source file has square pixels. If that is already the case, up the MPEG profile level to 4.1 or higher and set the profile to Main or Advanced. Certain combinations of profile levels and profiles use pre-defined ratios and resolutions, since they need to be compatible to a wider selection of devices, and thus may not give the result you require.



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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            As Mylenium say, i'd definitly have a look at your pixel aspect ratio. Can see any other reason to why it would do that.


            Unlike AE, if you enter incompatible resolution for some h264 levels, you get an error dialog instantly in AME.