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    RemoteClass metatag problem when running into a Sandboxed ApplicationDomain

    Etienne VRIGNAUD



      I have an Application that communicates with a server part using NetConnection or URLLoader.
      I use the RemoteClass metatag to retrieve automatically some Flex objects after the remote call.
      When I run it in a Standalone mode, it works fine. The result is an instance my specific value object Class.


      My application is dedicated to be loaded by another one using a SWFLoader.
      And this "application container" needs to load each application in a specific ApplicationDomain in order to avoid conflicts.


      The problem is that in the case that I am loaded by the application container, the RemoteClass metatag does work correctly anymore.
      And the result that I receive is a Dynamic Flex Object that is of type "Object".


      I have tried to google around and the only responses that I have found are recommendations to not use Sandboxes and use the currentApplicationDomain instead of a new one.
      I my case, in fact it work fine.


      Unfortunately, the application container cannot load all the application in the currentApplicationDomain.


      Can somebody give me some explanations on that problem?


      Thanks for your help,
      Etienne VRIGNAUD