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    Dynamic Images Scroller - Almost Finished

    flender Level 1
      Ciao Guys,
      I am developing a Dynamic Images Scroller , It is almost finished (even if it is still a bit rough)
      Since I am a self-taught coder, I had to build the whole project using different tutorials.

      The scroller is XML driven and display the images which move from left to right. When one of the images is clicked:

      The scrolling STOPS.
      The image clicked is enlarged
      And the other pictures are scaled and faded away.
      (No problem up to this point)

      Then once the Enlarged picture is clicked again everything should come back to the initial status.
      My issue is that I haven’t be able to “restart” the function which move the images along the stage.
      Once the enlarge image is clicked I delete the function which scroll the image but How I should lunch it again?
      Here is my messy code, Please help me and I’ll buy you a beer when you are in London.

      I am using AS2 and flash player 8