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    Trouble with Fireworks and Google Map Street View




      I got a stange trouble.


      I work with Fireworks and Google Map Street View at the same time. After a few minutes on Street View in full screen, Fireworks’ buttons become inactive. The software don’t seem crashed, menus are available, but toolbars doesn’t respond to my clicks.


      If I restart FW, trouble is still present. The only solution I found is to restart computer or wait about 10 minutes.


      I thought a memory problem, but I have 4Go RAM with 2 processors. So I added 1Go without results.


      I updated FW 8 to CS3, same problem. I changed my web browser, same problem.


      The problem appears since a few weeks, before no problem. Maybe it’s a Vista update or a Google Map update.


      Are-you aware of this problem? Do you have a solution please?