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    State name ...




      I tryed to name a state with a space character like : "Focus In" and it's refused by Flash Catalyst, do you confirm that it's not allowed ?

      Why is it the case ? At the end, the state is a string anyway so ?

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          acath Level 4

          You're right - the state name must be a valid ActionScript identifier. We are planning to change this in a future beta so that you can use any string.


          The reason is that the state name is used as an identifier in MXML code. If you draw a rectangle, duplicate the state, and drag the rectangle, you'll get code like this:




          We can't allow spaces because XML attributes names can't have spaces in them, and MXML is valid XML.


          Admittedly, this is rather confusing and arbitrary-seeming, which is why we're changing it =).



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