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    Tweak needed to URL GREP search

    tynan Level 1

      Hello all


      I've googled and googled for a GREP search to find URLs in text


      There appear to be two varaitions, both of which work well unless the URL is contained within brackets or other markers


      The first


      (http|ftp|www)(\S+)|(\S+) (\.gov|\.us|\.net|\.com|\.edu|\.org)


      works except that it picks up a trailing bracket


      so (www.tynan.com) returns www.tynan.com)



      The second



      works except it picks up a leading bracket


      so (www.tynan.com) returns (www.tynan.com


      my GREP is dreadful and I'm worn out tinkering for what I assume is a simple tweak? Sometimes the URLs are in the form <www.tynan.com>


      and of course sometimes they're not within anything


      help is as always greatly appreciated, thanks