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    Migration from RoboHelp 2000 to RoboHelp 8, problems


      I have used RoboHelp 2000 for some years.  I am trying RoboHelp 8 on a 30 day trial.  My project seems to have been migrated largely successfully, except that the Table of Contents is now merely all topics in alphabetical order.  The Index is severely truncated: only twenty of my hundreds of index entries have been preserved.  While Pop Up Texts on most pages behave as before, for a few topics they just form part of the body of the topic.  Are there likely to be any other losses that I have not yet found?  How do I fix them, other than manually? 


      The only book I have identified so far specific to version 8 s Adobe RoboHelp 8 HTML: The Essentials" Kevin A. Siegel; Spiral-bound; $39.00.  Are there others?