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    Printing PDF from Flash automatically


      I've been trying to find a solution for this, and I'm beginning to run out of options.  I'll explain what I need to do.


      We have documents that we want to host on our web app for clients.  That's already done.  We're able to view the documents and print them out to PDF just fine.  However, we have clients that require these documents as packets of PDF's that are automatically created and saved for them on our systems for them to pick up and use.  These documents used to be created through SVG and were picked up by a very old document server.  Now, however, that is not possible.  We are now building these documents in AIR.  Because of this, SVG documents are no longer going to be supported, so we need a way to automatically pull up these SWF's and build them, then print off PDF's one after another.


      There really is no way around this, unless we want to lose clients and support for our development.  So far, we've gotten it to the point where we can load up the document like we want, ready it for printing, and hit the print button.  But, as many already know, the print dialog comes up.  So, there has to be something we can do that bypasses the print button and creates a PDF from the document on the SWF.


      If anyone knows of a good bypass or a third party program we can use, that would be most helpful.  Thanks.