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    See Also Control

    Cal Wilson

      I apologize up front if this is considered a duplicate post, but I do not use the forum often enough to know how to reopen a topic.


      The original post and more information are here:



      I am using RH8.

      The output is Web Help.

      The popup menu related to the See Also controls appears at the top of the topics.

      I want the popup menu to appear next to the button? Is there a way to make this happen?

      The popup menu is positioned correctly in HTML help.


      I recognize that a Topics Found dialog box could be used; however, the dialog box is not visually appealing, etc., etc.


      The post below indicated it might be possible to edit the ehlpdhtm.txt (.js) file to fix the problem. However, since I work primarily with the WYSIWYG, I need help understanding exactly what should be changed in the file.




      Thank you in advance for any assistance, and my apology again.