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    Hi to Paul and Steve, Robert, and all

    Joe Avitry

      Hi guys, Its me, Joe.  (Avitry) I've been completely out of video editing for quite a while.  I've even lost my account info, perhaps in the mix of this new forum format.


      I'm going to have to start all over again, being old and half brain dead.  I'm still using Vers. 2 and at last writing was struggling with some kind of unique issue my Vers. 2 Elements seemed to have with field order ( or at least visable jitters) after ANY simple edit and subsequent import of  the AVI file into DVD Workshop.


      No other NLE displayed any issue when importing the finished AVI capture (from my ADVC300) if you recall. Even Premiere Pro imported to DVD Workshop fine as did Vegas, Cyberlink, Ulead, and Magix.


      Because of the great editng features and user interface both PE and PPro had, I tried to continue on using the PPro version I had.  It, however did not come with the dolby audio compression and that became an issue.


      I finally threw my hands up and walked away from any editing / video transferring.


      I have once again been called by one of the people I did quite a bit of video conversion for, asking if I'd please do more for him.  I fear the thought of dealing with this problem again.


      My last cure for the problem was to encode the finished video conversion right in the Premiere Elements program and import the resulting Mpeg into DVD Workshop.  That all worked great, except for the fact that trying to determine if the video would fit on a single layer DVD was hit or miss using the Adobe PE estimates of compression.  Often I ended up compressing more than I had to, and sometimes, not enough.


      Long and short of my quest, results in my asking whether the New version of Premiere Elements is any better at estimating Mpeg conversion size although I'm hoping for a miracle and that if I purchase and install the program it will not have the same goofy resulting DV-AVI issue that only its younger version seemed to display.


      Also, I'm wondering if it runs any less problematic or clunky than its older version, and can anyone point me to any new books on the new version.


      Thanks much in advance for the help.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Hey, Joe! Welcome back!


          (Joe was a regular here for a couple of years there.)


          Glad to have you back.


          As for "clunkiness" -- well, version 2 was one of the best builds of Premiere Elements. But, in my experience, version 7 is the best yet, in terms of stability and power. (And here's where all those people who have problems with version 7 cringe!)


          It might be worth a test drive -- particularly if you are using MPEGs as source files. (The program now includes a project preset for DVDs and MPEGs that automatically reverses the field dominance.)


          My only concern is that, if you find version 2 clunky, upgrading probably isn't going to help. The program still leans very heavily on your resources, and without adequate RAM and an up-to-date, well-maintained computer, version 7 certainly isn't going to run any better than version 2. In fact, it tends to demand even more RAM.


          But why not download the trial and test drive it, Joe? That's the only way to find out.


          As we used to say all the time on this forum -- Your mileage may vary.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome back!


            While I do not think we ever shared a thread, I set out to read every article in the old forum, and saw your screen name in so very many of them.


            Looks like Steve is on the case now, so I'll ring off with a reiteration of welcome back.



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              Joe Avitry Level 1

              Hi Hunt.  Actually you were a great help to me in the past   although since I left, your screen name seems to have changed and I didnt recognize it.  Maybe the thread you helped me with was on the PPro forum.


              It was a problem I had with an origial VHS tape who's audio was recorded in stereo and when played back in some players created problems in that only one channel was being broadcast.


              The person I'm converting VHS to DVDs for asked me to make the DVD mono so that both channels played from both speakers and eliminate the stereo all together.


              You explained making additional audio tracks and using left fill and right fill on them and then exporting the entire compilation so it was mono.


              LOL, unfortunately I lost the link to that valuable info and as a result this is another area I'm going to be trying to remember as I return to converting VHS to DVDs with the Canopus ADVC300 that I've used in the past.


              I've really been away and I forgot half the things I've picked up from you guys, so chances are I'll be re-asking a few things in the future until I can get my old flawed brain back up to speed.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Yes, the screen name's changed. The_Wine_Snob was the one that I set up back in the earliest days of the Adobe fora. For whatever reason it never "took." Because this was way back, my screen name was BILL HUNT, since the OS's of the day did not differentiate between caps and lower-case well. Come the new fora, and that old, unused screen name came back from the dead. I tried to go back to Bill Hunt, or BILL HUNT, but Adobe tells me that it's already in use. As all of my product registration data disappeared, my guess is that I again have multiple accounts. About four years ago, I got them all bundled into one finally, but about the time of the new fora, seems that they got separated once more. When I have an afternoon, I'll sit down with Adobe and try to get 'em rolled back into one. Maybe I can become Bill Hunt, once more?


                The Canopus 300 is a great unit. Had I not already been using a Turtle Beach card, I'd have gone with it, and will do so for my next workstation.


                Ask away, should any questions arise. Unfortunately, many of the old posts are lost forever, and even if they did get updated to the new servers, the old links are still dead. Add in the horrible Search function in the new forum, and the fact that Google, and similar, still come up with the dead links, it's not easy to find the old stuff. Stanley Jones, often on the PrPro and Encore fora, is trying to rebuild some of it, and the MOD's are doing a good job at getting the FAQ's back. Still a work-in-progress.


                Some new faces around here, but still great folk, and great new info and ideas - still a lot of fun!



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                  Paul_LS Level 4

                  Yes, welcome back Joe, it has been a while. Sorry for the delay in responding but I have just got back from a very wet vacation down in Cornwall in the west country of the UK. Didn't take much video, and probably drank a few too many ales in the local pubs while dodging the rain storms. Some advantages to all that rain I guess...