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    Export HTML problem


      I have seen this problem posted in other threads but have not seen a solution as of yet.  I have a C3 file that is intended to go on our LMS so is set up for SCORM 1.2.  When I publish, I am setting it for Flash, with output to a Zip file.  However, the "Export HTML" button is grayed out (although there is a check mark in the block).  And, it stays grayed out whether the Zip file option is checked or not.  Our LMS need the html file to launch the course from.  When I publish now, I just get the SWF file without the SCORM and html files.  I went back and checked other courses that published successfully, and now each of them has the Export HTML option grayed out, when it was available before.  Any thoughts?  My knee jerk reaction is saying that somehow my version of C3 has been corrupted and I may need to reload and see what happens (?).


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          RoboWizard Level 4

          Hi there


          The Export HTML option is probably disabled because of your Quiz Settings. Look in the output folder. Do you see another folder called SCORM_support? That should be there if you selected SCORM as the type. If you selected AICC it won't be there.


          If you chose the zip option, everything should be inside the zip you get.


          Cheers... Rick



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            mzedella Level 1

            When I set it to publish as Flash with zip files as the output option, the only thing in the zip file is a SWF file that runs the entire course.  The scorm support folder is not there.  What makes this even stranger is that if I go to quiz preferences and turn reporting off, and go back to publish, the export HTML button is now available.  I'm doing everything the same as I have been for the last two years so am confused as to why this is all of a sudden an issue. The only other thing I can possibly think of is that the file I am working with was originally done in C2, and I converted it to C3, although I have done that in the past also with no problems.  I even went back and opened some other projects that published just fine and now the export HTML is not available.