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    binaryEncoded variable objectGUID  please help

    nikos101 Level 2

      I have saved the binaryEncoded variable objectGUID  from a  <cfldap result



      in a Hex format


      which is a string like so:  EFD456E418BAC6468F6875A136FFE581


      its worth noting that



      gives me


      ��V� ��F�hu�6��


      which is the same as the original ��V� ��F�hu�6��

      displayed from that users objectGUID



      I then try and use this  in another <cfldap query


           filter = "objectGUID=toString(binaryDecode('EFD456E418BAC6468F6875A136FFE581','HEX'))"



      However I get no rows back,


      anyone got any clue where I am going wrong here?