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    Website Envy - resizing large photos

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      I am looking to make a site like this one:  http://fastesdecour.chateauversailles.fr Hopefully someone can help me or point me to the right post as I can't seem to find an answer. I am a newbie to this forum.


      I have been designing in CS3 for about a year and have only been using Actionscript 2.0 as 3.0 makes me a little nutso.


      I designed a site previously but had problems when a user resizes the browser. I used a large photograph for the background. My client requested that on laptops it resize to fit the screen however, the photograph ends up losing resolution as the user would make the screen size smaller. So I ended up using a fixed browser size (www.jamesciccotti.com) I am using JPG files at 72 dpi. If you see this site on a laptop, part of the shoe gets cut off, but at least the photo isn't all jagged and gross.


      Here are my questions:


      1. Is it because I am using an older version of Flash that I can not make huge photos like that scale when smaller and keep the resolution? I tried to make it scale in Flash and it does everything except the photo as they are all vector otherwise.


      2. If I have an easy fix for the resize issue perhaps compression of something, etc., for the site I have attached, should I make the photos gigantic at 72 dpi so when they are scaled in Flash they will zoom up. (see the actual exhibition when you review a costume) I think that teh "zooms" are additional Flash files, so maybe if I can fix #1, then #2 will be simple.


      3. It seems that this site loads fast as lightning but they have a ton of photos, and what seems to be a full CD of music? Is this an improvement of CS4 or just good programming?


      Thanks so much for your time!