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    Scaling WMV movies to fit in Premiere Pro CS4



      I have a WMV movie that I need to insert and edit in Premiere Pro CS4 and when I do the WMV movie is way to big for Premiere Pro.  I think I know why, because the settings for Premiere Pro were set to 720x480 and the WMV file exceeds this boundary, but I have no choice on the WMV file as I did not create it.  Is there a project setting in Premiere Pro that will allow for the larger setting?  I know that when you create a new project you can select different resolutions etc., but I have not found one that will fit properly, and all the ones I used created a several GB file, this is not useable for me.  Is there software out there that will scale WMV, and if yes, what is it.  Is there a specific setting(s) in Premiere Pro that will allow this scaling to happen.  I am really stuck here, I have tried Adobe Captivate to bring the file in with no luck...I have tried a conversion program that would make the WMV file an AVI, and the AVI ends up looking EXTREMELY pixilated and you cannot read any of the on screen dialog.  Please oh please Premiere gurus throw me a chip of wisdom.


      Thank you,


      Dave Jordan