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    Uh oh... are sync locks/ripple delete busted?

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      What am I missing here? I pre-assembled a timeline by dropping whole, untrimmed clips into tracks V1 and A1 based on timecode references given to me by my client. I then dropped the scratch voiceover track on A2, and began to ripple trim the V1 clips to fit the VO. The sync locks are turned on for V1/A1 and turned off for A2 so that the VO stays put. So far, so good. However, if I happen to leave a space between an outgoing clip and an incoming clip, and right-click in the space to select Ripple Delete, the rather unexpected happens: instead of completely extracting the empty space and sucking in the following clips, only part of the space is extracted and the clips are only moved partially toward the end of the outgoing clip. I can continue to Ripple Delete and the trailing clips move along incrementally until they finally meet up with the preceeding clips, but that's a total speed killer. The Sync Locks are working, I guess, but there seems to be some sort of bug in Ripple Delete, almost like it's pretending that the sync lock is turned on for A2.


      Here's a before shot:



      Here's the after:



      Any thoughts about this, or anyone experiencing the same thing? I'm pretty sure that what I'm expecting to happen, should be happening, due to the sync locks.