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    Exporting 1080p to 720p


      This is quite a basic question. I'm finding that when exporting my 1080p videos to 720p Premiere is cropping them. In the export window i'm selecting "scale to fit" but even the preview appears cropped from the original file. Is there an option I'm missing?

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          jaso232 Level 1

          I hope this will help, as I had a similar problem, but not exporting from 1080p to 720p.


          My problem: the videos I had was 1280x1024, when I export, is automatically cropped to 720x480, even if export settings is set to higher, it only shows 720x480 of the video

          Solution to it thanks to Harm Millaard and the_wine_snob: When you make a new sequence, go to the General tab, and set the resolution, FPS and such to your source video, using Desktop as your editing mode.




          Not sure if is the same problem, but maybe this will help.

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            Meemawuk Level 1

            It seems after ages editing with Premiere 4.0 i forgot that when starting a new project you select the select the profile relevant to the video you are editing, not what you want to output to me. I'm an idiot! thanks for ur help!