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    Workflow setup?


      I am new to using Adobe Pro and I have created a form that needs to be filled out by an end user and then distributed to 5 parties for sign-off.  They need  to sign the form in order.  I want to create a workflow that automatically sends the form to the next person in the chain once the user submits, and then once the first signer signs, it sends to the next party.  Please help!

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          pguerett Level 6

          How are the 5 signers identified. Does the user choose them or are there always going to be the same 5 signers? Is there something on the form that indicates who needs to sign?



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            JessicaIHS Level 1

            They will always be the same 5 signers.  There are fields designated specifically for each of the 5.  Basically what I want to be able to do is Joe Schmoe will fill out my form.  He'll hit submit and it will send it  back to me for review.  I'll approve and send it down the line to each signer.  Once each signer submits, I want it to be able to move on to the next person.  I also what to be able to track who has it and what the status is.  Is  this possible at all?  Oh, and most of these people only have Adobe Reader.