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    standalone vs eclipse plugin


      I'm looking at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashbuilder4/


      From this site I can download a standalone installer or a eclipse plugin installer. I use a Mac Book Pro.


      Does the standalone installer actually contain an eclipse? If so, why is the the plugin installer (306 MB) larger than the standalone installer (277 MB).


      I do use the latest released Eclipse Galileo (Eclipse 3.5.0). The Adobe sites seem to only mention Ecipse Ganymede.


      I tend to remove and reinstall Eclipse frequently because I work on plugins.


      Should I have a distinct instance of Eclipse for Flash Builder 4?  That is, an Eclipse instance that has Flash Builder; this instance stays around. Another development instance of Eclipse that I can remove and reinstall at will.


      Or shoud I use a standalone installer.



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          tstatler Level 1

          Hi Ted,


          The reason the Plugin installer is larger than the stand-alone version is that we bundle a "vanilla" Eclipse 3.4 distro with the plugin installer. This provides users an option who don't want to set up a new Eclipse instance, or don't have Eclipse at all.


          The stand-alone version includes Eclipse, as well. It's typically meant for developers who aren't very familiar with Eclipse and just want to get started. So you have several options. There's no one best way to approach it. Since you have good Eclipse experience, the plugin might offer you more flexibility. But it's really a matter of personal taste.


          Regarding 3.5 support, FB has not be tested against that version of Eclipse. Currently, we officially support Eclipse 3.4. Please stay tuned for more information.


          Tim Statler

          Flash Builder QE

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            tkubaska Level 1

            Thanks, Tim. I'm going to try out the trial version of the plugin. I guess you're telling me I should have a 3.4.1 eclipse instance to do this.


            With the trial or with a purchase, can I reinstall at will?  I've been using eclipse for a while  and frankly sometimes things get so messed up that I just delete everything and start over. My concern is that with a licensed plugin like FB, I might have difficulty re-installing ... because of some licensing restriction.


            What are the restrictions, if any?


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              tstatler Level 1

              Yes, 3.4.1 is fine.


              Regarding licensing, once you activate (serialize) FB on a given system you can uninstall/reinstall on that system as many times as you like. It won't interfere with your other Eclipse plugins and workflows.


              Hope this helps.



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                tkubaska Level 1

                Thanks again. 3.5 is a big eclipse improvement. Especially in the plugin installation area. The new P2 repository makes sorting out dependencies and install/reinstall much easier. But provisionng a plugin for a installation using P2 is very different from the old way. Speaking from experience though, the extra effort is worth it.


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                  Endoplasmic Level 2

                  I'm using it as a plugin on 3.5 and it works great. No more having the scrollbars snapping to the left, or having the CSS document randomly selecting text after I press backspace.


                  I downloaded the PHP bundle (http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/technology/epp/downloads/release/galil eo/R/eclipse-php-galileo-win32.zip) and then slapped FB4 on top of it. Only tweaking I had to do was the CSS editor as the FB4 one is the better choice.