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    How to use .as files from AS3 project into Flex project


      I'm new.

      I created a ActionScript 3 project

      I created 2  .as  files, which put up a Sprite which moved around.  It worked fine.


      Now, I want to put that onto my web-site.

      So I created a Flex Builder 3 project.

      I moved those 2 .as files into it.

      I added code to access and display the moving Sprite.

      But, each attempt gave me an empty screen.


      My main confusion is the following:

      I have class  BaseClass in file 1

      and  SubBaseClass extends BaseClass in file 2.

      Within the Flex project  .mxml  file, how do I reference the  SubBaseClass so that the object will appear?


      I tried things like:


      <mx:Application ... completionComplete="init()" >



      public function init():void


        var myclass:SubBaseClass = new SubBaseClass();



      etc (ending stuff)


      What do I need to do to make this work


      ---- john