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    how to access vertical scroll bar?




      I have form conatiner where the children are computed and rendered dynamially depending upon the data I recieve from the back end.  The clip content property of the form container is set to true. So, depending upon the children size horizontal scroll bars and vertical scroll bars are displayed.


      The problem is, suppose as a user i will vertically scroll to the last child. I want to catch the scroll position of the vertical scroll bar programitically. So in order to do that I need a reference to the vertical scroll bar. But, to my suprise the reference to the  veritical scroll bar always turns to bel null. I am referening to the verticl scroll bar like this. form.verticalScrollbar. Is there anyway so that I can gain control over the refernce of the vertical scroll bar provided the clip content set to true and scroll policies set to auto to the container.


      Please share your thoughts.