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    DataGrid header functionality to manipulate column data

    Cr99 Level 1

      I have been displaying information for individual series in a chart via a datagrid so that the user can edit it (change color, series style, etc.) And it works fine, but now I need to add in some functionality in the header of the series style column.  Basically the user needs to be able to "override" each entry to make all of the series types lines or area or plot or whatever he chooses in the header.  In my research on the net, it looks like I may have to use AdvancedDataGrid to do this.  Does anyone know how I would do this.


      Here's what I have so far.  I've left out most of the other columns for simplicity.



      <mx:DataGrid id="seriesTable" color="black" fontSize="9" rowHeight="30" editable="true" resizeEffect="slow" rollOverColor="#CCCCCC"

      selectionColor="#999999" dataProvider="{axis.seriesList}" width="100%"

      rowCount="{axis.seriesList.length > 2 ? axis.seriesList.length : 2}" >


               <mx:DataGridColumn width="40" dataField="color" headerText="Color" id="colorColumn"

                          rendererIsEditor="true"  editorDataField="result" itemRenderer="renderer.ColorPickerRenderer"/>

               <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="plotType" width="220" id="plotColumn"

                         rendererIsEditor="true"  editorDataField="result" itemRenderer="renderer.TypeBoxRenderer"/>





      (I could also include TypeBoxRender code but I don't think it's really needed to understand what is going on here.)