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    LDAP (Active Directory) querying "the current user"

    TLC-IT Level 3

      I've reviewed a lot of stuff on this but I'd appreciate a summary answer of this (no doubt...) FAQ:


      Using CF (latest & greatest) on an (I presume) IIS server, I want to be able to auto-detect the Windows identity of "the currently logged-on Windows user" and, by means of LDAP (Active Directory) queries, determine his attributes and group-memberships for authentication purposes.  The user would not be challenged to enter any sort of user-name or password on his own.  (This is strictly an intra-net application and always will be.)


      In the Apache Server environment with mod_ldap, I know that reliable information about the currently logged-on user can be obtained from environment variables with which to do subsequent LDAP queries.  But I'm a little fuzzy on what I might expect/use in this situation.


      Pointers?  Hyperlinks?  Tips?