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    Help with multiple dataproviders for charts

    ross a

      Hi guys,


      I am attempting to create a graph with mulitpl line series from different data providers.


      I can get two seperate lines with different providers however i am completely stuck on my next step.


      At the mo my x-axis is simply the number of each entry, but i need it to be the date of each entry (each object has a date value).


      The problem comes when the  second dataprovider does not have the same date values as the first and hence does not fit on the current x-axis and that line does not display.


      Is their a way to set up the axis so it will take all date values from both data providers instead of me having to rely on the x-axis being simply the index of each entry ???


      Cheers in advance and if its not clear just reply and i will atempt to make my problem a bit clearer :-)