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    Enable Usage Rights for Web Service using Code

    Sam Stickler Level 1

      We are looking for code that allows us to enable web service and database connectivity rights into a form. We are using LiveCycle Forms 7.2 to render the XDP and merge data. Because we are merging data into the form, it has to be reader enabled through the  code everytime it is presented to the user in our application.


      This the code we have but we don't see the rights for enabling web service connectivity


      usageRights[0] = com.adobe.document.pdf.DOCUMENT_SAVE.value;
      usageRights[1] = com.adobe.document.pdf.FORM_FILL_IN.value;
      usageRights[2] = com.adobe.document.pdf.FORM_EXPORT.value;
      usageRights[3] = com.adobe.document.pdf.FORM_IMPORT.value;
      usageRights[4] = com.adobe.document.pdf.FORM_ONLINE.value;


      Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated