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    Bug: export flash as image with smooth


      I created a banner with flash CS4. So, I exported it as png to print in great scale.

      I noticed when I select a higher dpi to export, the exporter cuts off a part of the image. I tried this with 300 dpi.

      When I deselect the smooth option, the export works fine. I also used png because I need the alpha channels.


      You can try this even in CS3 too.



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          If you change the Resolution option when you export, be sure to select Full Document Size in the Include option. Otherwise the image size won't change when you change the Resolution.

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            goredaimon Level 1

            Hello, thanks for you help!


            I already tested this option, but without success. Maybe this is a limit problem.


            My flash banner have 52cm x 18cm. So, export this to 300 dpi with smooth cuts-off the image.


            It's a bug. I already tryied this under CS3 too.


            This first image shows the selected options:

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              goredaimon Level 1

              This is the exported png image:

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                I am also having a similar problem to this.   I am trying to export a large version of a scene so I can do an exreme close up in post.  The problem is, that once I start getting over around 900dpi the image gets cut from the right hand side.  The larger i make it the more it gets cut.  its like there is a limit to the width of the frame that flash can render.  I dont see why they let you do 8000x8000 as the maximum frame size for rendering tho, because you cant even do that.  seems ridiculous, and its holding up my production.  if anyone figures out a solution, please email me on rama_p@yahoo.com, I've tried eveything I can think of to get it to render, but no luck.

                please help.

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                  zeroskillz Level 3

                  Unless you have bitmap data in the banner, I'd export a vector format--if you're scaling it up for print...


                  For the second gent doing extreme closeup,  8000 px is almost the max for one side, and you cant do 8000x8000, the max # of pixels is 16,777,215, or 8191x2048,  or 4095 x 4095.


                  If your goal is an image you can zoom waaaaay in on, break the original into a grid. You can then have those grid sections load a closeup on click, or make a grid of really big bitmaps... just a thought.




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                    Rama_part Level 1

                    yeah, I have thought of the grid idea, that's my next move... on monday... I moved on to a few other shots to let my frustration subside a bit!  Its for film, not print.. I'm using fusion, not sure if it has vector capabilities but i doubt it.  i'm trying some match move setups to try and get the camera movement from flash to work in fusion, so far no  luck.. i think the grid is going to have to be the solution.  The shot moves fairly fast so a slightly out of line grid shouldn't be too bad

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                      I am running into the same problem and have some easy to repro steps.


                      1.  Create a new flash project and set the document size to 792x1224 (which is 11x17 inches at 72 dpi)

                      2.  Draw a rectangle (with a border of a different color) at each corner of the document. (so a total of 4 rects)

                      3.  File -> Export Image -> Save as PNG with settings: 250 dpi, Full Document Size, 24 bit (the rest dont matter as far as I could tell)

                      4.  View exported file and see the rects at the bottom being cropped.


                      I'm actually trying to export at 300 or 600 dpi but 250 dpi illustrates the problem clearly.


                      Hope there is a fix for this.

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                        Hey guys, figured this out. It's kind of hidden, and I really hope this works for everyone, but here's what I did to make it work:


                        >Had My Animation

                        >Click Modify>Document

                        >Change the Stage Size to Match Exactly with Your Creation's Size

                        >Click Okay

                        >File>Save As/Export (whatever you're doing, whether it be animation or single frame art)

                        >Do the normal saving/exporting thing.


                        Try it!