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    Integrating Apache + Tomcat + Flex

    Roberto Padilha



      I'm developing an application that is a module into an existing PHP application.

      My new application is designed with Flex and Java, running in a Tomcat Server.

      However, I have to join both applications to receive all the requests in my Apache server.

      So far I can redirect my JSP calls to my Tomcat server and even show my swf that is in my Tomcat server.

      My problem is that my swf file can't communicate with my Java classes through Blaze.

      My tomcat is using the 8080 port and my apache the 81 port.

      If I type http://localhost:81/myApp/index.jsp which contains my swf, I'm able to visualize the swf, but the swf can't communicate with Java.


      Is there anything I have to do to enable this communication?

      I'm not having errors, the communication just doesn't happen.