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    problem with preview and pre-render


      hello Ladies and Gentlemen



      my problem is after i do any work(write, add, change) the preview is run  automatic and after the pre-render come and ask my if i'll save the video

      evry day


      can you help my for my problem


      sorry for any mistake in ortographe

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Can you provide some info about your system? Graphics card? Screeen resolution? Operating system? What input device (mouse or tablet)? This error has cropped up elsewhere recently, but since the person asking did not provide any details, we were unable to resolve it. If you are having difficulty posting in English, feel free to use your native language. We have English, French,Spanish, German, Russian and even a bit of Japanese covered by people here, so someone might be able to even answer in that language, provided a solution is available.