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    Cannot Generate Primary Layout, Invalid Media Error




           I am currently using Robohelp x5. I am getting the error, "Invalid Media. Cannot create file Y:\JUSTIN\AwareHelpStage", when i try to generate the primary layout for my project. Does anyone have any insight on what could potentially be the problem?


           Also, when I go to, File->Generate Primary Layout, and change the Output Folder. I get a different error, "Please select a new project subfolder, or a folder outside of the project path".


           I do not have a "Y:\" on my computer or, at least when i try to visit it my computer cannot find it.


           I have 95% .gifs and only a few .png's in my project. Could this be the media error this is referring to?


           I changed the name of my .xpj, about 70% of the way through the project, from what it originially was. I am unsure, if I have attempted to generate a primary layout since I changed the name. Could there be some kind of confusion in the system when it tries to generate the layout because of this? The reason i ask, is because it calls the name of my project, its original name in the "Project Name" text box, when I go to File->Generate Primary Layout.


      Thanks for your time,