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    Acrobat Won't Run Properly After 9.0 Install


      Several months back I attempting to open an Acrobat file when I received a request to upload the latest version of Acrobat. Ever since I uploaded the software, I have been running into problems. So much so that I am attempting to deinstall all of the Acrobat software with  hopes that I can reinstall it. I was able to remove 9.0 but when I try to remove 8.1.2 I am getting an error message, "Error apply transforms. Verify that the specific transforms paths are valid".


      Here are details on my sys:

      Microsoft Windows XP


      Version 2002

      Service Pak 3



      Intel Pentium III

      930 Mhz, 384 MB of RAM


      No internal firewall running  - on Verizon Network


      Anti Virus software - Avast


      Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Cesar