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    creating and exporting multi-state buttons in FW



           I created a "navigation" page with 30+ buttons which I made in FW CS4. Each button is a simple flat graphic (.gif) to which I applied a filter, "Inner Glow" to  the "Down" state. The first time around, after some orientation, this went rather swimmingly, given that I created the graphic, chose "Modify"->"Symbol"->"Convert to Symbol", then "Modify"->"Symbol"->"Edit in Place", then applying the Inner glow filter to the "Down" state. I discovered that text over the graphic has to be flattened by saving as .gif type, closing and then reopening to create the button.( regardless of which step in the prodedure you convert to a symbol)

           Of course, now I have to add six more buttons, and I can not do it after 3 solid days of trying over and over using variations of this same procedure to do it. What is happening is that the "Over" and "Down" states are invisible on the navigation page, I can click where the button(s) would be, but only the "Up" state is visible. I may have to make them all into one state graphics to get the job done. I also noticed that FW wants to apply the filter to all four states instead of just the "Down" and "Over while Down" states (which is also a major pain). I have confirmed that a preview in Fireworks before export does show a working two state button, but in the "Export 'Wizard" the .html file that gets written is hosed and the graphics get hosed. I have also tried to copy and rename the working .html files for the buttons that work correctly and substitute the filenames of the graphics for the new buttons in an attempt to work around this problem, but even this has not provided a solution.I am rather disappointed in this feature of CS4, given that it(FW) was promoted as it was.