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    (CS4) (AS) Syntax for assigning existing Preflight Profile

    sgleasonil2 Level 1

      Building an AppleScript workflow to tie a FileMaker database to IDCS4, using Triple Triangle's Job Spec Cubed. Very fun.


      I'd like to add a tell statement to assign existing Preflight Profiles to existing documents. We have four standard preflight profiles, named "72", "150", "200", "300" and "360". I know the syntax to load the profiles from an external source, but I'm stumped on how to assign them then embed them.


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"

      set myDocument to active document

      set myPage to page 1 of spread 1 of myDocument

      tell myDocument

      set preflight profile to "72"

      end tell


      end tell


      Any thoughts?