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    Illustrator cutting off 2" when printing


      Illustrator 9.0; WIN2000; HP Deskjet 722C -- Working on pages in Illustrator with photos & copy; the print copies have started coming out with about 2" cut off the bottom of the page; tried changing document setting to legal length but keeping content within the letter-size dimensions, hoping to "fool" the printer with a "longer" print area, but not to be.  Any ideas about what's going on and how to remedy? 


      Tried to .pdf the file(s):  First time I .pdf'd it, it printed correctly (with no cut-off); second time I printed it, some gremlin decided to change the fonts to Uzbekistanese or some such -- very strange graphic....  So -- .pdf gives back the complete printable page (still, why doesn't Illustrator?), but takes away my font choices; .pdf comes up with the Uzb font about four times out of five or six ...


      Sure would be nice (!) if Adobe Illlustrator wouldn't decide to make changes to my print commands on its own ....


      Many thanks for any help

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          RogerPaine Level 1

          It looks like a problem in your print dialogue; it seems a bit obvious but, have you tried fit to page?

          Are you sure that you are using the correct driver for the printer?

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            watsonlance Level 2

            A few things could go wonky and cause this problem (Illustrator being the most fussy of all the Adobe products when it comes to printing).


            Artboard - Check to make sure your artboard includes all of your image, i know it's obvious but sometimes you can overlap the boarder if you have a very detailed image without noticing.


            Print Paper Size - For some printers you need to set the paper size in the general tab of illustrator as well as in the "Printer" sections and the "Page Setup" section (these are the buttons under the display)


            Check your display and if your image is being cut-off there then drag it around (inside the preview window) until it's centered. If all of it won't fit then use the scale options under the General section.



            Let me know if all of that doesn't solve the problem, because it's always something small that i forget to do, when Illustrator is giving me printing problems.