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    after effects to web page


      im very new to website design i dont know very much. i have created a rotating earth at explodes and some text shows up. how do i get this on to my website.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If it's just supposed to be a clip, you can render it as an FLV and embed it into the page e.g. using Dreamweaver. This will add a standard player skin and the required code. If it's suppossed to be a splash page, you will require Flash to properly contain the FLV rendered from AE into an SWF file nad add additional links and options.



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            smooth_ey Level 1

            so i exported my file as swf and in dreamweaver inserted it but the colors and animation didnt all show up. i exported it as a mpeg4 and it lookes fine. how to i keep the quality and have it play auto when you go to my site. thanks

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              elaine montoya Level 3

              1) in After Effects go to File > Export > Adobe Flash Professional (XFL)

              2) select any specific format options

              3) locate the XFL file you just created

              4) double click to open in Flash

              5) in Flash go to File > Publish Settings

              6) make sure SWF and HTML are checked

              7) click the 'Publish" button


              Now you will have all of the files you need to display your AE file on a website. It will include an HTML file and a SWF file.

              Test your project by double-clicking on the HTML file to open.


              good luck!


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                smooth_ey Level 1

                so i did what you said and went into dreamweaver and then to insert, media, flash and then i clicked on the swf file. the video works fine in preview. all files are in the same path. so when i upload it to the server is uploaded. files (swf), (skinunderplay), (final comp 2 Flv), (ac runactivecontent), and (html) files. but when i go to the site on the internet the video is not there. help please

                thanks stefan

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                  elaine montoya Level 3

                  Either post a link to your web page, or send me a message with the link and I'll take a look.



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                    smooth_ey Level 1


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                      elaine montoya Level 3

                      You've got several things going on....


                      When you export from Flash, it is important to upload ALL files that were exported - in the folders that they were in.


                      So you can either try redoing the process and upload again, or try fixing what you have. Most likely, you'll have to re-export.


                      To fix what you have, first, the path to your AC_RunActiveContent.js is incorrect.


                      Your path is ../Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js

                      but your script lives in the root directory.


                      Most likely when you exported from Flash, this file lived in a folder called Scripts - but you moved it to the root level.


                      At this point to work with it, in your HTML, change the following:


                      <script src="../Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


                      <script src="AC_RunActiveContent.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


                      This may or may not fix it, as it also, it looks like the swf file called: SkinUnderPlay.swf may be in the the correct place. This path is embeded in your intro.swf file ... so really, there's no way to fix that than to re-export from Flash.


                      I would recommend that you try following the steps I outlined before exactly, and keep all folders and files in the exact location they are when you export from Flash. Then unpload all files and folders to your server.


                      good luck,


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                        smooth_ey Level 1

                        thanks for all the help i not got everything working.