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    Flash CS4 Problem


      1 . Everytime I open flash it always say my license had expired so im thinking 1,000 dollars for flash for 3 months I unistall it and It still show FLV videos I double click it again and it says the same message I don't get it I uninstalled it already and it should not be there



      2 . I re-installed it with Akaimi download manager i used winRAR and I extracted I click the first set up which is like an installer that says ADBEAFETCS4_LS4 I double click it and the installer shows up but after it passes 54 the downloading gets messed up so I tried the one under it as it opens a file I extract it and I click the setup button nonthing comes up please tell me whats wrong with Akaimi is there another downloader I tried 7-zip and still nonthing please help please I've been looking everywhere to fix my flash but I do not have enought money to buy it again im a cartoonist help me

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          Walter Elias Level 2

          Why would you have to buy it again? I don't understand a word of your second paragraph. If you bought a legitimate copy and you're having license or installation problems, then send an urgent message to Adobe support, or phone them. On the few occasions I've had trouble with Adobe installation issues, I found their phone support to be quite helpful.


          I'm a cartoonist too. I thought we're all supposed to be rich like Jim Davis.