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    Is Captivate / E-learning suite right for my needs?


      Is Captivate / E-learning suite right for my needs?


      Having been on hold for over 90 minutes to Adobe yesterday, and searching Adobe.com and You tube for info I am throwing my request for information at your collective feet.


      The organisation I work for needs to deliver some e-learning modules, these are informing on non-software based actions and information.


      We have had modules professionally designed for us in the past (almost certainly in DW or flash) – the number that we need for the next 12 months has grown, although each individual module is smaller – so professional design is less attractive due to minimum costs per module.


      Content at the moment is delivered as a page or frame of text, with still pictures, video, and audio content. Roll over information, and links through to supporting documents and web sites. The user then clicks on through the pages as they demand. Finishing with a quiz and a certificate of pass mark.


      The core of any information I have found about Captivate 4 represents it primarily as screen recorder. I need to build a module outside of screen recordings.


      Is captivate the product to do what I need?


      I can’t find any in-depth information beyond “it’s a great screen recorder and software demo tool”.


      There doesn’t seem to be any supporting documents, books, videos that could be used as a platform for training users how to work with Captivate 4 – and I can find no face to face trainers in Australia.


      If anyone to shed some light on what captivate is capable of doing beyond screen recording, and if there is any training available online / from books / or face to face in Australia I would be very happy to hear from them.


      The available delivery formats that Captivate can output would be very helpful too – as a government organisation we have a limited amount of software / updates we must work with.


      Many Thanks