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    Working and rendering .mts files from a Panasonic AVCCAM


      I have cs4 in Windows Vista.  I'm shooting on a Panasonic 150p the media is memory cards.  Recording mode is PH 180/60I.  In the past I used a Matrox RT2 capture card, but capturing is no longer needed.  The Matrox did take some of the encoding work away from Premiere and it was faster.

      That is until I started producing .mts files.  Matrox says they don't support the format.  Encoding is a very slow process.  I'm hoping for an easy answer.  I need to input my files, edit, encode, and then output to DVD's that are NTSC SD 5:4.  In other words, TV standard.  How should I bring those files into Premiere?  Then from that time line, how should it be encoded so that I can create DVD's 5:4, and even an .avi file for Matrox because some cable channels still use video tape.  Any answers?


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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          How should I bring those files into Premiere?


          Others will disagree but my answer would be "using a different camera".


          If you're going to delivery on DVD, make life easy and just shoot in DV.  If you're going to shoot in HD, keep that glorious picture and deliver only on Blu-ray.

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            chuck122441 Level 1

            Thanks Jim,  However I was assured by an Adobe rep that the new CS4 was the answer.  Then, opps, well we'll get it with 4.1 which I'm now using.  The even bigger issue is the encoding.  Adobe Encoder takes nice looking video from Premiere and renders it very "soft."  It is even worse in 4.1.  My shots now look like they weren't focused.  Tomorrow, I'm getting 4.1 off the comptuer and going back to 4.0 where the "softness" wasn't as bad.  Today I ran 9 tests of editing and rendering.  When I got to the final .avi, it was not good.  This is a huge dissapoint as I've been with Premiere since 2.2.  I am going to try EDIUS from Grass Valley.  I'm hearing its encoding is much better and it really does deal with the AVCHD generated files.  I've got an email in to an Adobe rep to see if there is any solution before I move on to another editing system.  But thanks for your suggestion.  Chuck

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              Keith_Andrews Level 1



              I am using the same camera and editing platform as you and have not had too many problems with the video that I have shot in the past.  Typically I am shooting in PH 1080p 30, importing the video into an AVCHD timeline, editing, and then either exporting for the web, or to DVD.


              In order to make sure that the resulting video was as sharp as possible, I have had to check the "Maximize Render Quality" setting under sequence settings, as well as checking to make sure that the "use Maximum Render Quality" feature is selected when exporting the video.  Hope this helps.

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                chuck122441 Level 1


                  First, thank you for taking the time to help me.  I found the check box you mentioned and so checked.  The "Maximum Render Quality" feature you refer to is the slider once you open Adobe Encoder. That was default set at 100 with rendering an .avi, but not defaulted at max when asking for a .mpg2.  Again, I am speculating this is the feature you mean.  Besides, I can't locate any other control  Other than that, I am shooting in PH1080/60i rather than p-30 as you stated.  My first test using your advice has resulted in an improvement already.  Thank you again.