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    Harm Challenge...

    tclark513 Level 3

      Hey Harm,


      If you get some time please follow the link and see how good of a computer you can build using these (their) options.


      I am curious if you think this place has decent prices for what you get.  It might be kind of fun but if you don't feel like it no problem at all.







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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I tried a configuration, no monitor, no keyboard or mouse, but including Vista Business 64. No games or software.


          First general remark, the components to choose from (Cases, CPU coolers and especially hard disks and memory) is rather limited. For instance no 1 TB disk with 32 MB cache. Only Seagates and Velociptors.


          They are pretty much oriented towards gamers, with all their pimped cases and the neon lights. They hardly have storage solutions, only 2 disks but offer 3 or even 4 card SLI video configurations.


          With the limited options available I tried to mimic my system as much as possible. I ended up with a $ 2600 configuration.


          I don't know the prices in the US, but the comparison with my system, which in the Netherlands cost me nearly 3000 euro (without discount), does not impress me very much. Reason is that in my system I have the Areca ARC-1680ix-12 raid controller with 2 GB cache and BBM plus 15 extra 1 TB disks with 32 MB cache. If I were to add those components, that would raise their price by at least $ 2000, but likely with something closer to $ 2400, bringing their total price up to around $ 5 K for a similar system as mine.


          I haven't tried it, but possisbly Newegg can give you more component choices and better prices. Keep in mind that when you order a large part of your components from one supplier, you can usually get a discount of around 10%.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            I just checked it out at Newegg and configured an almost identical system as mine, including Areca controller, but without the 2 GB cache module and BBM, but including the extra case fans, video cooler, forward breakout cables, drive cages, all 17 identical disks and ended up with a price of $ 4987.


            Makes the price I paid over here not bad, but for you the interesting part is that Newegg has better prices than that gaming site CyberpowerPC, because just the Areca controller alone is $ 1350 and the missing disks in the other post amount to $ 1275, so the price at CyberPowerPC would have amounted to $ 5225 with IMO lesser components and without some components that at Newegg cost $ 220.


            So, CyberPowerPc is not very attractive IMO. OTOH this exercise proves once again what has been valid since the early '80-s, that the system you want, your dream machine, costs you $ 5 K. This was true in '85, '90, '95, 2000, 2005 and still applies.

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              tclark513 Level 3

              Thanks Harm!  I appreciate the exercise and information!  Out of curiosity did you happen to save your configuration?  I would be curious to see what options you went with.  Motherboards, Power Supply, etc...

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                No, I did not save it, but if I remember correctly I opted for a CoolerMaster big tower. ASUS P6T DeLuxe board, Corsair 1000W PSU, i7-920, 12 GB DDR 1333 Corsair or major brand, ATI 4890, Vigor Monsoon CPU cooler, 150 GB Velociraptor for disk 1 and second disk a Seagate 1 TB/16 plus 3 extra case fans, 2 LG BR burners, etc. One of the things I disliked was the limited technical info, for instance on memory. There were no clock timings available to help you choose and expensive is not always better. Recently one of the posters here indicated he had chosen for DDR3-1600 sticks with 7-7-7-24 timings on the same mobo I have with the same processor. My memory DDR3-1333 has 6-6-6-18 timings and was cheaper and there is no performance advantage from DDR3-1600 over DDR3-1333 when the FSB does not use this higher frequency. In fact my memory is slightly faster than his due to the timings, despite the lower rated clock frequency.


                When you are considering buying a new DIY system, there must be numerous sites where you can see current prices for all components that you are looking for. The price comparison sites can be valuable to get the best price/availability ratio.

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                  tclark513 Level 3

                  Thanks for all your advice Harm...I really appreciate it!  I will have to try and find some other sites that help configure systems in a more informative way.  I really don't want to put anymore together.  I would rather configure and have them build it.  Thanks again!

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    It is a small effort, it is interesting to see comparisons, even if they are not of immediate use to me and if it helps others making well founded and economical decisions, I consider it time well spent. I went through all that selection and decision making process recently and if I can help by recounting where I went wrong, what components I like, why I opted for A and not B, etc. and what I would change if I were to do it again, that may be informative and useful for others.


                    I really hope this was helpful (points???)

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                      tclark513 Level 3

                      What would give you more points?  Helpful answer or correct answer?

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        There are three posts you can award points, one for a correct answer (10) and two for a helpful answer (5 each).


                        You award those points by clicking on the Correct or Helpful box below the post.


                        You decide whether you want to give points or not. Only the OP can do that.


                        What are points worth? What can you do with them? One, you do NOT get a rebate on the upgrade to CS5 based on points, but rumor has it that a couple of people with the most points will be invited for a free lunch in the Adobe HQ in San Jose and will be given 5 minutes to tell the developers what they missed, messed up and what improvements are needed. Knowing Adobe, the travel and hotel accomodation expenses you will have to pay yourself.


                        It still is not clear whether that lunch will be a tuna fish sandwich or will include a fresh lobster.

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                          joshtownsend Level 2

                          Harm Millaard wrote:


                          It still is not clear whether that lunch will be a tuna fish sandwich or will include a fresh lobster.

                          My contact at Adobe said they will be serving SPAM.